Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I think it is a jolly good tree!

Such a clever cat! He knows the best place to lanquish!

Jude, my dog. I had to include him in the photos, though he is just not a hat wearing sort of hound!

From myself and all in the world of Mad-Boo, I wish you all glad tidings this christmas and a splendid New year.

Back in the New Year. xoxoxox

Finishing Touches

Yah! the decorations are done, pressies wrapped and most of the food shopping done. At last time to now enjoy the Christmas and the end of a rather strange year! This year has been a lot of changes, also a time to take stock and a lot of reflection on the personal, home and work front, so I am anticipating a refreshing and exciting start to 2009!
This year I really made a conscious effort to think more ethically regarding environmental issues. Being a bit of a fashion victim I am highly influenced by new trends, designs, technologies and inventions. However I have become a lot more thoughtful of my shopping habits regarding all areas, food, clothing etc. (Recycle-Reduce-Reuse)

This year I purchased my first Christmas tree with roots , so I can plant it in the garden after Christmas, and get all nostalgic when the children are older and tell them that was our first tree in the house! Unfortunately my partner moaned a bit , cause it does look a little sad, a bit lop sided and the needles may all fall off by Christmas day! - but it is the right choice, or perhaps no tree is the right choice!?
Well, with all the room all pretty and some of my bunting and holly from the garden I think it looks quite pretty. I have added a photo of Kevin, the ultimate homely feel is my little cat in front of the hearth!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Time to relax

I love this time of year, the children have such a fun filled time with all the school shows and parties. I double checked the calender every day for the past two weeks because it is so busy, as they have had Christmas dinners, activities and etc on different days. The children broke up from school on Friday so this weekend has been the chance to relax and enjoy being at home and finish off the decorations and a few last bits of Christmas shopping.

A few pictures of finishing touches.

Of course the guinea pigs have a stocking!

The cutest elf-cat in the world! X

My son made his own wonderful Christmas hat creation to wear at Christmas Lunch.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Getting into the Festive Spirit

Last weekend I managed to bag a craft stall at a wonderful place called Chasely at the Christmas art and sculpture exhibition. Chasely is a fabulous Victorian building, overlooking the sea near Holywell in Eastbourne. Chasely is the home to many people with severe disabilities, including spinal injuries, MS, acquired brain injury and cerebral palsy. residents receive expert care and the building provides top quality accommodation.
The art exhibition was a remarkable showcase of local talent.(Lots of sales) The craft stalls were also as fabulous, with lovely friendly crafters too!
Of course I had to take a few pics of every ones work for you all to see.
This work is by a lady called Doreen Carter, and I discovered that she lives quite near to me, so hopefully I will meet her again. She makes the most wonderful enamelled and fired copper bowls, I couldn't resist buying some little ones for Christmas pressies.

This is Tanya who runs the creative co-op, and a truly talented lady, beautiful art work , jewelry, amazing recycled Christmas decorations and a master poet.

Here is lovely Sue, with her beautiful table and the most exquisite jewelry. This lady is truly blessed with talent. I always feel so inspired when I see Sue.

She flew in with the wings!

This craft event was also the most entertaining, we had a little lull on the Sunday afternoon, so Tanya decided to sing (no music) one of her own songs: the "anti-consumer" song, Not only was it lovely to hear but hysterically funny too, followed with her own poetry! Is there no end to her talents? This had an effect On Sue who then stood up and recited one of her poems, followed by some Shakespeare from a lady called Maria and finished with a hilarious story of "Ernie the Electric Eel" from Doreen.
I did,nt become rich from the event by definitely had a few giggles. I am going to have to learn a new entertainment piece for next craft fair!

Tanya singing.