Thursday, 31 July 2008

Brighton Beach

One may come across interesting sights on Brighton Beach!

Like these old girls!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Last Day of Primary School

The very last time she will wear a gingham summer school dress! ....sob!

As long as we have memories,
yesterday remains.
As long as we have hope,
tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have friendship,
today is beautiful.


First Day of School

I still remember her first day at school as if it was last week.

Class of 2008

Last week was an emotional roller coaster to say the least. It was the final few days of junior school for my eldest daughter; L. Firstly I am amazed by the excellent planning and preparation by her school.( I was astonished by the induction days at her new school which was a few weeks back.)Teachers at her school put together such fun and thoughtful activities to enable our children to have positive and fond memories of there school days. The previous week all of year 6 had a trip to Chessington, Monday was a trip to the beach , and Tuesday was the church leavers service, which started the emotions flowing for the children and the parents!. It really made me appreciate even more how special all these young children are and how positive are future is. Many of the children talked of there school memories, readings, poetry recitals, singing and dancing.There was also a symbolic procession and lighting of candles as a representative pupil from each year made a wish for the year 6 leavers. Towards the second half of the service many of the year 6 pupils were fighting to hold back the tears. However it was the parents sobbing when a "slide show of memories" was put on to the music; "We are the champions" and "One Day in Your life". The slide show consisted of photos of every year 6 pupil at school on a trip or some other activity at different times during their 7 years at the school. The service ended with a beautiful blessing from the Cannon.

On the last day of school all the children received a leavers book with a profile page of each classmate with there hopes and aspirations for the future and memories of their time at the school,so they can remember there friends even if they are not going to the same high school. At the back of the book teachers have left notes and poems. It is really strange how this turning point is so poignant and has come so quickly. I expect it is also because I know that I will have to give her more freedom as she starts her new school.( But not for a while!)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Thank You Emma

Ignore the previous post , something went strangely wrong with my computer.
As I was saying, one of the wonderful things about etsy is the forums, it is filled with lots of interesting information, and there is a consistent stream of fellow etsians there , to give feedback, critiques and promoting there amazing etsy shops. I frequently visit the forums, as I have know discovered a whole community of people who share the same excitement over things like a piece of fabric! ( I seriously thought I was a bit strange in getting so enthusiastic over prints and fabrics when ever I ventured a fabric store, now I know I am not alone!)
Last week , whilst browsing through the promotions forum, I came across Bagladee, who was promoting a competition on her blog. I entered and was shocked when I later received a e-mail, stating I was a winner!!

I little package arrived on my doorstep this week full with lovely scrummy, arty crafty goodies. So big thanks to Emma (AKA bagladee):) Please check out her beautiful etsy shop of bespoke, impeccably "tailored" bags; they are beautiful. If you love color , you will love her shop :

Thank you from a very happy winner X

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Oh it,s such a perfect day,

I,m glad I spend it with you
Oh such a perfet day you just keep me hanging on
you just keep me hanging on..................

Perfect Day

My idea of a good day, is to keep the children happily occupied, clean the house ( I do not enjoy it, but once it,s done I can feel relaxed), Getting the laundry mountain down, some of my "to do" list crossed off , a beautiful meal, and a trip to somewhere nice and non commercial! I managed all of the above, and cooked a beautiful Sunday Roast, unfortunately my carb free diet fell to the way side: as I ate a few roast potatoes! (though I must boast that they are soooo perfect, how could I resist!) So late in the afternoon I took the children for a beautiful and energising walk to the Sussex Downs , near the famous Beachy Head. The Sussex Downland is spread across Sussex and East Hamphire in the South East of England, and is one of the most beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty. The views are breathtaking and you can walk a few miles without the feeling of over exerting oneself! I say the day was perfect, due to the fact I had ticked off a lot of things, but I would of wished to make something for my etsy today, but there are only so many hours in a day, however the walk inspired me to start some paintings.

The Downland is a combination of heathland, woodland, wetland and the chalk downland, so it is full of beautiful flora and forna. Each direction we walked, there were blankets of colour, cerise pinks, primrose yellows,hot purples, just such a beautiful undulating landscape. We did not venture to close to the cliff edge, (which is known as a suicide spot). I actually wonder if many of the unfortunate deaths were accidents, a long time ago ( when I had more nerve) I did lay on the grass and look over the edge ( out of intrigue), and there was quite a mysterious draw to pull myself to look further, perhaps it was just me, because I am fascinated by the sea! The beachy Head spot is as famous for it,s macabre as for it,s awesome beauty as a whole list of films have used it as a location, Atonement, James Bond (Living Daylights), Quadrophenia, to name a few.

I think we will definitely go back over the holidays, but next time we will take a picnic and sketchbooks.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Positive Chi Please

One of my dearest friends is unwell at the moment and needs as much positivity as possible to get her better. It is very difficult to be of any use, so I was racking my brains thinking of something I could give her which would be positive. She does not feel like eating apart from bananas and lemon in water! So I decided to make her a fruit basket focusing on the colour yellow. A) It,s the only food that she wants to eat at the moment, so I have put in some organic bananas and lemons. And B)Yellow is symbolic of health and well being.
So I have made her a little funky basket of positive zingy yellows and brights to turn her fears into vibrancy, strength and love. I have added some funky natural banana and lemon soaps, healing crystals and a little picture of the medicine man that I found in the local Buddhist shop.
She is quite a spiritual person so I hope this gives her some positive energy at this dreadful time. She is one of the kindest , helpful and caring person that I know so please leave all positive thoughts, prays and comments because I am sure it will help her.

Monday, 14 July 2008

I Love The Sea

One of life,s luxury's to me is that I live near to the sea. In fact I have only lived inland for a few years, in my entire life, and even then I would often take visits to the nearest coastal town. I find the sea has an amazing draw in so many ways. I visit even more frequently since having children, when they were babies I would take them to help their sleep. As toddlers I would take them to exert their energy, and still do now. They practise scooting, roller blading, cycling along the prom.On the beach we investigate all the weird and wonderful creatures in the rock pools. The Children have the same enthusiasm for the sea as I do. Though I use it as a place to take stock of things, escape and take refuge from worries (which we all have from time to time). I use the beach as my place to wish, dream, cry, laugh, think, recharge and refresh myself.
The photograph is of my son yesterday afternoon, who also never tires from a visit to the beach.
I also went for a lovely walk this evening, along the prom and back with my daughters( I find it gives us a good opportunity to talk) the sea was calm, the sun was setting, just bliss!

Yes, I probably will be one of the old ladies sitting in the deckchair with a 99!

The Polite Sea

By the polite sea I rest,
Engaging in attention
And words. By the sea
I lay, by the sea I pray,
Dropping my elbows and words
Onto her sand.

By the amorous sea
I dream. And dream. And dream.
I love the sea. I love the sea.
She is quiet and polite
Tenderly allowing me permission
To be.

Masiela Lusha

Saturday, 12 July 2008

The fashionista purse

Cute little purse, wristlet, perfect to hold money for refreshments and possibly lipgloss!

Dancing Queen

My eldest daughter :L, is soon to finish junior school, this is a major turning point in her life and also for me. When she starts secondary school she will be a child and leave as a young adult, time just flys by. I intend to make every effort to savour and embrace these years, before my children disappear into the world of Independence. Anyhow, L has worked really hard at school this year, this was reinforced by a brilliant school report so I thought I would make her something nice for the last junior school disco.

L choose bright , yummy pink satin, and I had a Bit of A "Gok" moment and accessorised the dress with a nice clashing little clutch purse in bright red and lined the pouch with the same pink satin. l looks a bit like a mini Sarah J.P. with her glitzy party sandals to finish off her outfit; What a fashionista! Would of liked to take more photos of her, but she would of been late for the function of the year!
By the way , she is not frowning; just a serious pose!

A lot of her friends liked the dress and bag, so perhaps I could make something similar for my etsy shop.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A friend of mine has kindly lent me this book. I was slightly dubious to pick it up at first, because I am a staunch anti diet person. In fact I am a firm believer in "You are what you Eat" and try to be active. However in my chaotic life I do not always practise what I preach, I do go to the gym , but not on a regular time table. The only regularity in my lifestyle is that I get up early and crawl to bed far too late. I do not have a major weight problem , however I have a bit of a tummy. My problem is basically I am constantly tired, I could happily have a little sleep anywhere anytime, but with three children cat naps are not advisable. Anyhow the crux of this book is to give the heave-ho to carbs- which I love! All my favourite foods are jacket potatoes, bread and good cheese, rice, pasta. Anyhow I am far to young to feel this fatigued all of the time, so I am going to give it a go.
I will write a little book review and tell you how I get on in a weeks time. hopefully full of life and vitality,and I hope that rain stops!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

We can plan the day, not the weather

British Weather

What a fun filled weekend and week ahead planned-all cancelled!Due to the lovely unpredictable British weather.

This week-end I went out and bought my first barbecue, one of those little drum style ones, and planned a "grounds day" at home. My children have grounds day,s at there school,where once a term they go in to school in old clothes and all the parents are invited to help with the gardening and to make the school look pretty! It is quite amazing how much work gets done. So my plan, was just my children, partner and I would tackle one area of the garden together and at the end of the day celebrate with a barbecue. Unfortunately this was not to be, the heavens opened and the barbecue remained in the box. Now this week was also a combination of a school trips , parties, dental appointments, sports days etc,. All three sports days ( all on different days) are now cancelled and we hopefully go ahead on the reserve days. I am not even going to look at the weather forecast. I hope to start making some women,s garments this week,so the plus side is that if it does turn into a dismal rainy week at least I have a chance to make some more things for my etsy shop. I feel guilty when it is sunny if I am not gardening, thou it is more jungle clearence rather than gardening at the moment.

Hope to post more positive news next time


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Friday, 4 July 2008

Hello, Welcome to the world of Mad Boo


A little about me; I live with my partner and we have three beautiful children, two daughters and a son. We live in a beautiful part of East Sussex, near the sea and near the Sussex Downs . Recently we have moved into a very old house (project no 1) and have lots of work ahead of us. I spend a lot of time painting, drawing and making everything and anything out of textiles and sell my designs on etsy. ( I really love nature, flowers, animals and intend to set up my garden like "the good life" (project no 2). I am a teacher in adult education , which I love but have decided to take some time out, to focus on all of the above, because sometimes life is too short!
I love fashion, because I am a mum that is no reason not to keep your finger on the pulse, even though I seem to be going for gardeners fashion at the moment!

Incidentally my name is Victoria

Victoria X