Monday, 22 December 2008

Finishing Touches

Yah! the decorations are done, pressies wrapped and most of the food shopping done. At last time to now enjoy the Christmas and the end of a rather strange year! This year has been a lot of changes, also a time to take stock and a lot of reflection on the personal, home and work front, so I am anticipating a refreshing and exciting start to 2009!
This year I really made a conscious effort to think more ethically regarding environmental issues. Being a bit of a fashion victim I am highly influenced by new trends, designs, technologies and inventions. However I have become a lot more thoughtful of my shopping habits regarding all areas, food, clothing etc. (Recycle-Reduce-Reuse)

This year I purchased my first Christmas tree with roots , so I can plant it in the garden after Christmas, and get all nostalgic when the children are older and tell them that was our first tree in the house! Unfortunately my partner moaned a bit , cause it does look a little sad, a bit lop sided and the needles may all fall off by Christmas day! - but it is the right choice, or perhaps no tree is the right choice!?
Well, with all the room all pretty and some of my bunting and holly from the garden I think it looks quite pretty. I have added a photo of Kevin, the ultimate homely feel is my little cat in front of the hearth!

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