Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Boudoir

Thought I would post a few pics of my little bedroom, one of my many works in progress! I really wanted to give the room a Bloomsbury feel and paint every inch of the walls with designs like Vanessa Bell, however I was too gutless (or perhaps not!?). Once all of the walls were immaculately painted I really was far too inhibited to go wild with my set of paints. However, I sanded , primed and painted an old chest of draws and painted Poppies on one side, I still feel that my poppies are slightly restrained! Anyhow the chest of draws looks far better than it,s former self. I have also started on the wardrobes,(which I thrift ed very cheaply from a second hand shop- solid wood too!). You can see one is prepared for a design and the other needs sanding and about 3 coats of undercoat.
The colour scheme is whites, creams, linen and poppy reds, it is quite a small room so it needs light and I need a little bit of serenity!
I also have a patchwork in the colour scheme, I might post some pics at a later date. I started making different panels, but I think I might use the panels as cushion covers and use some of the same fabrics for a Grandmas rose garden quilt, as I tend to like the antique style of quilts rather than the contemporary.
Oh yes, the mustard carpet may be vintage but I am afraid it is going! I will use it on the top of my compost- does that count as recycling?


TheresaJ said...

I LOVE your poppies!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice - I like the simple color scheme!

oldbagcrafts said...

Just love the poppies. Vickyx