Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Shoes

Sad as it may be nothing gives me more joy than shoes! I am aware of my addiction and have come to terms with the fact that lots of shoes do not make you a happy person ! But, I am sorry shoes do make me happy , and this is a weak shameful and shallow side of me . For the last year I have really curbed my shoe-addiction, but I have had enough . Enough of wearing my comfy, scratched, red knee high boots because it is Spring and from a health perspective it is not good to keep your feet thermally insulated.

So I bought these little Spring/Summer lovelies in Brighton at the weekend. I adore them and they are versatile to wear at work at home and look divine. They come from a cool shop in the Northern lanes called Yoma. Lots of gorgeous clothes and shoes all designed in Brighton (unsure where they are made -hopefully of ethical practice). The clothes have a sort of 60's swing / rockabilly vibe and so do the sales assistants.

Cannot wait to go back to window shop of course.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Oh, but why wouldn't you love these? They are possibly THE cutest shoes I've seen!! Love from a fellow shoe-addict. (Will anyone organise an intervention for us, Vic?? ANYONE??)