Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New Vintage Lovely

Thought I would quickly blog/brag about my new 60,s silk vintage skirt. I traded this in one of the new Vintage dress shops in town.(Purfect Vintage) I had a beautiful floral 60's tailored dress, which was never, ever going to fit me. It was very small in the bottom half and It did'nt matter how much weight I could loose for the dress, as I would never fill the ample room in the bust! So rather than keep the dress just to look nice in my wardrobe, It made more sense to swap it for something that I would actually wear and hope that the dress would be actually worn rather than a beautiful object to look at!

I love the skirt and wore it to work yesterday, hence I am not at my best in the morning!

I will post my other new vintage acquisition, which will get all lovers of 40's & 50's fashion drooling!


oldbagcrafts said...

Gorgeous colours. Thanks for your lovely comment :)

kay susan said...

Nice skirt! I've just been enjoying your blog. I've been to your Etsy shop too - your work is really, really nice!