Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Good Life

I am shocked, stunned and just amazed!!! My first crop of potato's!!! Yes the humble spud has been around for some time but I really cannot believe that I have succeeded in the art of veg growing. In fact I had planted many seed potatoes in tubs , and the particular tub that my little stash came from are a miracle, because I thought they were diseased and dead, so it was a joyous moment when I plucked not one or two spuds , but a plentiful amount for tea!

They went down a treat, boiled with my very own home grown mint, salmon with "my home grown" dill, and a little salad (shopped locally at co-op!! , I am afraid- but i do like co-op instead of the bigger Anyhow, salad veg is still at the growing stage.

The question is can I call myself a gardener now? Or Is that a tad to optimistic!?


Dee said...

Heck yeah your a gardener! Them sure are some purty tators you got there!
Seriously, all that hard work planting and then to be able to pop those out of the ground, had to be a great feeling. Congrats!

Metalmaggot said...

Hey! I saw your post on Etsy, so I decided to check out your blog! lol It looks good, and its definately inviting. A lot of times, a person will just read the blog, and go about their business. So don't be discouraged if you post 24/7 and don't get any comments. :D

Audrey said...

I love fresh potatoes, but my garden just doesn't grow them. They are usually the size of a plum, a small plum. Yours look great!

TheresaJ said...

Absolutely!!! They look lovely... and your preparation sounded yummy!