Saturday, 4 July 2009

Living The Magical Creative Life

Left: Colourful artists.
Right: Kay Susan's smiley happy plant (the photo really does not show the fine detail)

Sue's knitted gems and a box of delights. Above: Sue's painting.

Living the magical creative life was the intriguing title of an invite to Susie's house. Indeed such an invitation is not to be missed, as Sue is very much a creative spirit. I arrived to her sun trap, decorated with colourful sari,s , blooming colourful flowers, a fine feast, and a selection of colourful lovely creative souls!
Creative people being; musicians, artists and a wonderful story teller. As we chatted and devoured the fine food some people passed around their current art and craft work , along with beautiful angel and flower cards being passed around the circle.
Sue has been working on Knitted balls for necklaces and had a joyous moment the other week when she worked out how to knit little leaves. The pics show how jewel coloured knitted necklaces also a delightful box of knitted and felted brooches. Another fabulous Sue idea was displaying her paintings in the garden, why just hang them on the walls indoors?! It really created a sort of secret garden feel. I also met another etsy lady called Kay Susan, which is quite surprising as I thought there was only about three etsians in my area. Her work is exquisite , she produced this divine, smiling embroidered plant from her bag. The detail in her work is masterclass so take a look at her brilliant blog and etsy shop: and

Anyhow a beautiful day : "a gathering of artists in an artistic setting" , so sending big thanks to Sue and Tanya.


kay susan said...

It was a really, really nice afternoon, wasn't it Victoria? I met some lovely people. There will have to be more! Thanks for the blog flog!!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

What a wonderful event or gathering. I would love to do something like that at my home. Sadly, I don't know anyone to invite:( I need to find me some creative types or convert some.