Monday, 1 September 2008

A New Throne

Gosh, it,s like having a new baby in the house! Everyone wants to hold Kevin, but not too much in case he gets anxious. He spent his first night asleep in his cat carry case with a little hand knitted blanket which had the scent of his mum. Today we went out in search for a new bed/ basket for the little man.

we went to one of those large pet care shops, which have everything your pet would need and also a lot of things pets do not need. I was amazed how pet accessories have developed. I knew that you can get everything for the fashion handbag dog, but was quite amazed by the range available for a rabbit! In my childhood, I had a pet rabbit , which urinated and pooed a lot and ran around the garden like a lunatic. I would love to know what rabbit sits still in a fluffy cocoon style basket and has fun running through a white and pink fluffy fur fabric tunnel, you can get a whole range in pastel pink or pastel blue!

Anyhow, I had a very difficult time choosing from the vast range of Kitty beds,; four poster beds, girl beds , boy beds, beds with a scratch post and toy incorporated. Then I saw the most stylish of beds in the cats "Natural Collection", a whole range of adorable kitty things in naturals fibres and fabrics. I blew the cat basket budget on the "Natural Sphere". Kevin will look super cute and extra snug and it will go with the interior of my living room. O.K. I have not even started on the living room since we moved in, but this will be the start as I want a natural, slightly ethnic look. So Kevin,s chair is the starting point!

Here are some more photos of him in his super cool basket. He looks larger in his photos than in real life.

I do aim to get some art and making done....soon.


Stacey said...

oh my goodness, that is soooo cute!!!

shells said...

Awww, I love kitties! I want one!

ChatonDesigns said...

What a gorgeous little man...and he looks wonderful in his new bed! I too am constantly amazed at the variety of cat/dog accessories available today, I'm even more amazed at the prices ;)

VieiraGirl said...

OMG he is too cute. Love the pictures.

twenty pound tabby said...

He's so cute! I bet he's a lot bigger now.