Saturday, 30 August 2008

Meet The New Addition

I am so overjoyed with happiness, that I must blog about the new addition to my family. We collected an adorable 9 week old male kitten from the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. My daughter named him "Kevin", which I think suits the young man just fine!

It was a few weeks ago, that I first visited Raystede, and was astounded by the beauty of the Animal centre. There is approximately 150 staff, 50 employed and the rest are voluntary. The grounds and facilities are very well cared, considering the vast size of the place. Raystede take in unwanted and abandoned animals, Dogs, cats, horses, goats, chipmunks, exotic birds, ducks to name but a few! The aim is that most will be homed into a caring environment, whilst some remain at Raysted for the rest of their days. The organisation is a charity, so they have to work extremely hard as I saw a sign that it needs approx £3000 a day to run!! A lot of people go to the centre for a day out, as there is a tea room, picnic area and bouncy castle for children, so i guess that helps a little towards the staffing, upkeep etc.

Anyhow on my first visit I left my contact details and was put on the waiting list for a kitten. I had a call this week that one was ready and would I like to see it, which I did immediately, although I could not take him home until I had been approved by a home visit! Thankfully the home visitor approved our suitability for young Kevin and he is quietly in his basket near me as I blog.

A quiet intro into our home as he has only known the centre, as he was born there. I actually could not believe the amount of pregnant cats which are left there, which is sad. However most they are extremely well cared for at the centre and most will be re-homed.

Kevin has a guarantee of lots of love and care, and I must go and give him a cuddle now. Only a little one though, because everything is very strange for him at the moment.

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Pretty Fun said...

So sweet!

AzhureJewels said...

Your kitty looks like it is smiling in that second picture...very cute ^_^

Tins and Treasures said...

He is so very sweet. He looks like the kitty that my daughter adoped a year ago. There might be a picture of the two of them on my blog. Her kitty is a girl and its name is Bella.

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Oh Kevin is so cute! Sounds like a terrific animal shelter too!!! :)

mary jane said...

i LOVE the name Kevin! and he's SO cute too!

w said...

well, kevin is just adorable.

your daughter picks names well.


ThreadBeaur said...

How fun, a cuddly little kitten!

Estela said...

kevin is adorable and that's awesome where you got him from!! I'm happy they make home visits before giving people their new pets.

avocado said...

He's so cute! Here's to many happy furry moments with your new addition. (crazy cat lady!)

Rosebud Collection said...

He is adorable..It is nice when they find a new, wonderful home..Everyone wins..

Christie Cottage said...

Your new kitty is sweet. Love the throne and all the fishing pics.

I found your link on etsy.

Stephen Jackson said...

I love this page of yours! What dear piccies and very cute kitties.

Oh...I've just left a message on Culture Vulture, saying that if you'd like us to be in touch directly, you can access me on You've asked if my own artwork is selling? Well, I'm now on a course for artists marketing themselves; so as Groucho Marx replied iwhen he was asked if he'd enjoyed a meal, "I'll tell you in three hours."

All best