Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Adventures of a Little Kitten

Spot Kevin...

A shrill voice of my distressed daughter beckoned me to the garden. As I approached the garden, panic of my daughters cries were mimicked by a distressed miaowing! Kevin was stuck in a conifer tree! Last Sunday we had to make an emergency trip to the vets after Kevin had been stung by a bee! His poor little paw had swollen treble (if not more).
This problem could be easily solved ( I initially thought) I asked my daughter to get the dried cat food and we spent a good 20 minutes shaking the food and calling him. The problem was that it was a very windy day and the more the wind blew,the more the tree shook and Kevin decided to climb higher. He was crying in distress but could'nt work out which branch to climb down. I really did not want to call the emergency services ( having visions of three or more fire engines arrive in my street would be quite embarrassing. I decided to call my bro, who is a fire fighter for any "cat down the tree "tips. Alas, he was out and his mob was off. Another twenty minutes passed and finally Kevin worked out how to descend the tree!
Later my brother informed me that a cat can stay for up to 48 hours in a tree! What would worry me is that if he was blown out of the tree at night time I am sure the pack of foxes or badgers who venture into my garden at night would eat him for tea!!!!



Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a harrowing experience--silly kitty! Look at his cute face in that last pic, awww! AND your poor daughter is getting her first tastes of what it's like to be a mommy!
Smiles, Karen

demandablog said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad to see that everything turned out ok. I've seen on cartoons and stuff a million times about a cat getting stuck in a tree, but I didn't really think that it actually happened!

dearprudence said...

oh man! i love your blog!

christmas tree ornaments, halloween costumes, and pictures of kittens! all of my favorite things!

thanks for the comment :) i love my vintage furniture too. most of it was dug out of the trash or bought at garage sales and in this regard it almost all matches/goes together haha.

Jenn said...

Happy to read there was a very happy ending to this story :) Poor little guy probably won't be climbing too many trees from now on!