Monday, 24 November 2008

Crafty Ladies

Busy, Busy painting and decorating my little boy,s bedroom and the front room. The front room is my space for sewing, the p.c. and a lot of clutter and I have yet to decide it,s future purpose. I hate the space the computer takes up, and I can not quite work out where to put it.( shed at the end of the garden, perhaps?) You will see phoographs when the room is finished, By then I will think up a grand name for the room ( rather than sewing/p.c/clutter room).

This is a quickie post of the lovely little "Crafty Ladies" Christmas craft fayre I sold my wares at , on Saturday. Really lovely stalls of jewelery, crystal angels and salt dough Chrimbo decorations. I shared a table with Mrs. Lingdesigns who also sales her cute hand-knitted crafty creations on etsy. Photo of Mrs Ling and my friend H at the table we shared.You may just see my fab new Christmas bunting in the corner, I will be putting some on etsy this week, because I have grown some what obsessive about making it - very relaxing.


Start To Finish Supplies said...

I hope you did well at your show! I love doing them, they are always so much fun.

kim* said...

it looks like it must have been fun :) have fun painting and happy thanksgiving too!