Friday, 27 March 2009

R, R & R

No, not rest and relaxation. Thou fellow bloggers may think that is the case, unfortunately I have become shamefully neglecting my blog.

R.R.R as in recycle, reduce and reuse, I am trying very hard to live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle. Gone are the days when I would plan a whole day excursion to Ikea, and be a complete sucker for the seemingly cheap prices and quirky designs. I still love the designs, however many things I have purchased are no longer, due to the fact that most things did not survive the test of time.

One item I did purchase, which is still going strong is a wooden high chair, it must be about 5 years old now (vintage Ikea!!!). About 2 years ago I spilt something unpleasant on it like turps or nail varnish remover which removed the varnish ., and left a rather ugly looking splodge mark.

Last weekend eldest daughter and myself did a spot of decoupage/ covering the chair with some

vintage map/ globe wrapping paper and voila :1 up cycled desk chair for my sons bedroom.

I gave the chair another coat of satin varnish, so maybe it could last another 5 years!!


KirstyFish said...

Nice to see you x loving furniture restoration myself at the moment and i'm working on a large bedside cabinet - stripping it, maybe re-painting etc... so satisfying x

niftyknits said...

excellent idea!