Monday, 11 August 2008

REPRISE A Film By Joachim Trier

Each week I pop to the beautiful "re-vamped" local library ( so high tech , I have yet to work out how to use all of the new techno machines. I take out a DVD once a week , which is rented for the "whole" week, and cheaper than the video rental shop ( and I usually miss the handing in deadline and end up paying double!)
I like to watch art house and world cinema and picked up the Film "Reprise", firstly I noticed it is Norwegian and then I scanned the review quotes. The Independent on Sunday " Trainspotting with Better Furniture"!. I am a fan of Scandinavian interior design and also one of my favourite films is Trainspotting, I remember seeing it when it came out in the 90's and loving the way the film was shot (quite original at the time.) So I grabbed the DVD, watched it this evening, and it has certainly got my creative juices flowing.
So a very quick review, as I do not want to give to much away, If you love foreign films ( don't mind subtitles) this is a must.

Reprise (cert 15)

A touching, witty and sensitive film. It is beautifully shot, touching the fringes of mental illness. This film depicts the passion of youth and the unpredictable perils of fate , through the journey of friendship, love, madness and creativity.

Reprise has a awesome soundtrack, to give it a young buzz throughout with music from Blur, Joy Division and New Order.
Also the interiors and furniture are fabulous and everyone in Norway wears black, gray and white! (Though I am sure that was down to the art/costume department , creating such a beautiful film :))

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Hey Harriet said...

That sounds like a film I'd really like to see. Hadn't heard of it before, so thanks for the info! I sure hope my local library has it :)