Sunday, 20 July 2008

Perfect Day

My idea of a good day, is to keep the children happily occupied, clean the house ( I do not enjoy it, but once it,s done I can feel relaxed), Getting the laundry mountain down, some of my "to do" list crossed off , a beautiful meal, and a trip to somewhere nice and non commercial! I managed all of the above, and cooked a beautiful Sunday Roast, unfortunately my carb free diet fell to the way side: as I ate a few roast potatoes! (though I must boast that they are soooo perfect, how could I resist!) So late in the afternoon I took the children for a beautiful and energising walk to the Sussex Downs , near the famous Beachy Head. The Sussex Downland is spread across Sussex and East Hamphire in the South East of England, and is one of the most beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty. The views are breathtaking and you can walk a few miles without the feeling of over exerting oneself! I say the day was perfect, due to the fact I had ticked off a lot of things, but I would of wished to make something for my etsy today, but there are only so many hours in a day, however the walk inspired me to start some paintings.

The Downland is a combination of heathland, woodland, wetland and the chalk downland, so it is full of beautiful flora and forna. Each direction we walked, there were blankets of colour, cerise pinks, primrose yellows,hot purples, just such a beautiful undulating landscape. We did not venture to close to the cliff edge, (which is known as a suicide spot). I actually wonder if many of the unfortunate deaths were accidents, a long time ago ( when I had more nerve) I did lay on the grass and look over the edge ( out of intrigue), and there was quite a mysterious draw to pull myself to look further, perhaps it was just me, because I am fascinated by the sea! The beachy Head spot is as famous for it,s macabre as for it,s awesome beauty as a whole list of films have used it as a location, Atonement, James Bond (Living Daylights), Quadrophenia, to name a few.

I think we will definitely go back over the holidays, but next time we will take a picnic and sketchbooks.

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oldbagcrafts said...

Sounds like a lovely day, and your photos are beautiful. No need to ask how you'll be spending the school holidays :D