Monday, 28 July 2008

Class of 2008

Last week was an emotional roller coaster to say the least. It was the final few days of junior school for my eldest daughter; L. Firstly I am amazed by the excellent planning and preparation by her school.( I was astonished by the induction days at her new school which was a few weeks back.)Teachers at her school put together such fun and thoughtful activities to enable our children to have positive and fond memories of there school days. The previous week all of year 6 had a trip to Chessington, Monday was a trip to the beach , and Tuesday was the church leavers service, which started the emotions flowing for the children and the parents!. It really made me appreciate even more how special all these young children are and how positive are future is. Many of the children talked of there school memories, readings, poetry recitals, singing and dancing.There was also a symbolic procession and lighting of candles as a representative pupil from each year made a wish for the year 6 leavers. Towards the second half of the service many of the year 6 pupils were fighting to hold back the tears. However it was the parents sobbing when a "slide show of memories" was put on to the music; "We are the champions" and "One Day in Your life". The slide show consisted of photos of every year 6 pupil at school on a trip or some other activity at different times during their 7 years at the school. The service ended with a beautiful blessing from the Cannon.

On the last day of school all the children received a leavers book with a profile page of each classmate with there hopes and aspirations for the future and memories of their time at the school,so they can remember there friends even if they are not going to the same high school. At the back of the book teachers have left notes and poems. It is really strange how this turning point is so poignant and has come so quickly. I expect it is also because I know that I will have to give her more freedom as she starts her new school.( But not for a while!)

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