Friday, 25 July 2008

Thank You Emma

Ignore the previous post , something went strangely wrong with my computer.
As I was saying, one of the wonderful things about etsy is the forums, it is filled with lots of interesting information, and there is a consistent stream of fellow etsians there , to give feedback, critiques and promoting there amazing etsy shops. I frequently visit the forums, as I have know discovered a whole community of people who share the same excitement over things like a piece of fabric! ( I seriously thought I was a bit strange in getting so enthusiastic over prints and fabrics when ever I ventured a fabric store, now I know I am not alone!)
Last week , whilst browsing through the promotions forum, I came across Bagladee, who was promoting a competition on her blog. I entered and was shocked when I later received a e-mail, stating I was a winner!!

I little package arrived on my doorstep this week full with lovely scrummy, arty crafty goodies. So big thanks to Emma (AKA bagladee):) Please check out her beautiful etsy shop of bespoke, impeccably "tailored" bags; they are beautiful. If you love color , you will love her shop :

Thank you from a very happy winner X


kim* said...


just droppin by to give your blog some love. yes forums can be great, at the same time alot of people spam there. find your nitch though and go with it.

oldbagcrafts said...

You lucky girl! Glad you found us all and like us xxx