Friday, 4 July 2008

Hello, Welcome to the world of Mad Boo


A little about me; I live with my partner and we have three beautiful children, two daughters and a son. We live in a beautiful part of East Sussex, near the sea and near the Sussex Downs . Recently we have moved into a very old house (project no 1) and have lots of work ahead of us. I spend a lot of time painting, drawing and making everything and anything out of textiles and sell my designs on etsy. ( I really love nature, flowers, animals and intend to set up my garden like "the good life" (project no 2). I am a teacher in adult education , which I love but have decided to take some time out, to focus on all of the above, because sometimes life is too short!
I love fashion, because I am a mum that is no reason not to keep your finger on the pulse, even though I seem to be going for gardeners fashion at the moment!

Incidentally my name is Victoria

Victoria X


niftyknits said...

hello - I'll wave to you next time I visit my sons in Brighton, I'm sure you'll notice!

Art by Sophie said...

us mums can be friends call me a yummy mummy!!!



Walk in the Woods said...

So nice to meet you!


oldbagcrafts said...

Pretty dresses, pretty girls, pretty blog! You'll find yourself on my bloglist so I can keep up with your bloggings :D