Saturday, 12 July 2008

Dancing Queen

My eldest daughter :L, is soon to finish junior school, this is a major turning point in her life and also for me. When she starts secondary school she will be a child and leave as a young adult, time just flys by. I intend to make every effort to savour and embrace these years, before my children disappear into the world of Independence. Anyhow, L has worked really hard at school this year, this was reinforced by a brilliant school report so I thought I would make her something nice for the last junior school disco.

L choose bright , yummy pink satin, and I had a Bit of A "Gok" moment and accessorised the dress with a nice clashing little clutch purse in bright red and lined the pouch with the same pink satin. l looks a bit like a mini Sarah J.P. with her glitzy party sandals to finish off her outfit; What a fashionista! Would of liked to take more photos of her, but she would of been late for the function of the year!
By the way , she is not frowning; just a serious pose!

A lot of her friends liked the dress and bag, so perhaps I could make something similar for my etsy shop.


Callooh Callay said...

Adorable daughter and dress! I have a son about that age and just sent him off to camp, looking so cool in his new sunglasses. Such a sweet age!

Liz Steiner said...

I think it's a great dress for that age. A little more grown up, but still innocent.

OneLuckyFish said...

Very cute purse!

Sam said...

She looks perfect in the gorgeous dress and bag! Well done Vic!

Mary Richmond said...

very sweet--and with a bit of sass! just like your daughter, no doubt! enjoy these years--they are quite wonderful even though you'll no doubt hear other opinions on that subject!