Tuesday, 8 July 2008

British Weather

What a fun filled weekend and week ahead planned-all cancelled!Due to the lovely unpredictable British weather.

This week-end I went out and bought my first barbecue, one of those little drum style ones, and planned a "grounds day" at home. My children have grounds day,s at there school,where once a term they go in to school in old clothes and all the parents are invited to help with the gardening and to make the school look pretty! It is quite amazing how much work gets done. So my plan, was just my children, partner and I would tackle one area of the garden together and at the end of the day celebrate with a barbecue. Unfortunately this was not to be, the heavens opened and the barbecue remained in the box. Now this week was also a combination of a school trips , parties, dental appointments, sports days etc,. All three sports days ( all on different days) are now cancelled and we hopefully go ahead on the reserve days. I am not even going to look at the weather forecast. I hope to start making some women,s garments this week,so the plus side is that if it does turn into a dismal rainy week at least I have a chance to make some more things for my etsy shop. I feel guilty when it is sunny if I am not gardening, thou it is more jungle clearence rather than gardening at the moment.

Hope to post more positive news next time


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Rosebud Collection said...

I wish I like to garden..I am lousy at it..You have a lovely blog..